How has the Black Culture Shaped the US?

The power of the black culture has been if great influence in the United States and has come to a point where it cannot be ignored. From entertainment, fashion, and even on civil rights matters, the US residents can already feel the impact. Below are some of the areas that the black culture has impacted the shaping of the United States:

Star power

Most of the American brands have identified the great influence that the blacks have in boosting the appeal of their brands. As a result, there has been an increase in the choice of African-American when it comes to choosing brand ambassadors. Among the most influential African Americans in this field are Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Will Smith.

Dominance on Primetime Televisions

If you look at most TV contents, you will notice the huge increase in the number of black people who are playing leading roles. People like Viola Davis who is the lead character in the movie Get Away with Murder and for this role; she won an award as the best lead actress in a drama series at the Emmy Awards in 2015.

Social media influence

African-Americans have embraced social media where they are able to influence what is happening in the United States. Any issue that requires public awareness is made to reach far and wide and as a result, affect the steps that will be taken when addressing these issues.

There is also the use of hashtags on twitter where all issues that concern the residents of the United States are made into trending topics and in so doing, bring drastic changes in how things are done.

Despite the oppression that the black people go through, they have been able to rise above the storm and allow their voices to be heard. Their cry against injustices against them has brought into the limelight the need for social justice and equality for all Americans regardless of their color or cultural background.

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