African-American Influence on Rock and Roll

The creation of rock and roll came about when there was a lot of racial inequalities. Regardless of the odds, African-Americans made a significant contribution in developing rock and roll. They stood up against every obstacle that resulted from their being black and provided entertainment those loved rock and roll without any racial consideration.

Chuck Berry was the greatest rock and roll artist who stood firm despite the rejections as result of his race. His persistence brought him to a point where he became famous. he was an expert in combining jazz, blues and country music in such a way that his audience remained captivated until the end of every performance.

The other African-Americans who played a great role in rock and roll are Little Richard and Fats diamond. The effect was not just in rock and roll but in the entire music industry. Their creativity in the use of different styles, incorporation of instruments when singing, and the sweet lyrics found its way into the hearts of the blacks and the while in equal measure.



As Chuck Berry and his friends played rock and roll, white kids got interested and since the girls had to be accompanied when going to listen to rock and roll, Elvis and his friends volunteered to escort them and this is where his love for rock and roll began.

Rock and roll will continue to thrive now that both the whites and the African-American have fallen in love with the music. The racial prejudice that was a great challenge during the days that rock and roll was introduced is no longer there which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy his favorite rock and roll song. It has brought the American resident together as they all gather to receive entertainment from their favorite rock and roll artist.

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